Sunday, July 18, 2010

Brittany's First Doll

Just had the most wonderful week of my life. My granddaughter was here from Richland, WA and we had a blast...well at least I did! We shopped till we dropped. We sunbathed in the hot AZ sun. We eat till we almost burst and we made dolls. Brittany made her first doll "Rhiannon" which means: Great Queen or Goddess....does that sound like my granddaughter? Brittany is fast becoming the next generation of doll-makers....of course that will be after she gets out of College!
We are off to the airport...sad day for me, happy day for her family in the north.


  1. That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  2. She is beautiful. Your grand daughter is so talented and I am sure she will make great dolls in the future.

  3. GREAT job Brittany :) Keep up the good work. You have a SUPER teacher to lead the way.
    Love, Jean