Saturday, July 10, 2010

Asherha is done.

Well I have been working on "Asherha" for several weeks now. I used "Beyond's" pattern for her. I was inspired by some fabric I have had for over a year now designed by Loralie Designs the title of the fabric, "Wild Cat Woman." Although I like that name I decided to give my doll a name that I thought fit her....Asherha means: she who walks on water (Eastern Mythology). Her Platinum hair with a touch of silver just gives her that mature look that can take on the world. Leather coat and matching purse with her name on it makes sure that a well dressed woman has no fear of anyone. I used pearls that my grandmother wore. Her heels are made of leather with a touch of silver. Please enjoy her....I will have her pattern ready by the end of the year for those who may be interested in making your own doll.

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  1. Oh my gosh she is just so beautiful and I love the new color on the base! For any of you other CIFI folks that are planning to bid on her - all I can say is go big or go home!! Ok, you don't have to go that big - but I really, really, really want her :)

  2. Wow,she is awesome . Hugs,Mary

  3. She's wonderful....

    sort of reminds me a bit of Paula Deen....